Solutions for public transportation

Getting to and from work safely and responsibly

There is a lot of fear amongst New York and New Jersey residents over concerns of riding public transportation. While many cities are doing everything possible to encourage businesses to reopen, and residents to begin working again, the question that is on everyone’s mind is how we will get to and from work during the challenging times.  While this concern is very real out of fear of being in confined places with other travelers for an extended period. This can end up being a logistical nightmare for many companies looking to bring their employees back into their offices.

City subway with fast moving train.

One solution being raised by many seems very simple. I will just drive into work, park in a garage and drive home when I am finished. But this solution brings many challenges that we may overlook.

Here are some of the concerns this will offer. While driving in your own vehicle seems like a simple solution, it will also without a doubt bring the burden of additional vehicle traffic on already normally congested roads.  So, imagine an additional one hundred thousand vehicles conservatively driving into NYC during rush hour. The congestion and time you will take in traveling to and from work with be catastrophic unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced on a normal congested day.

NYC parking facilities will be filled beyond capacity and this may leave you without parking availability nearest your office. Not to mention the added expense of parking which can range from $25.00 to $65.00 daily depending on where you park. Now let us say you do find parking, and the person getting into and out of your vehicle in the parking facility may not always ensure that they are doing so in manner promoting clean sanitary methods. So, you may be forced to disinfect your vehicles before pulling out of that facility if they allow it.

There is also the extra expense of tolls and fuel which depending on where you live can be a cost that adds up over time.

So while this method of driving yourself to work may seem like the best solution for you, when you consider the concerns raised above along with other things that we have not mentioned, you may want to reconsider this option.

WC Transportation Service Group Is offering may solutions for these concerns.

We are implementing shuttles (buses, vans and SUV’s) with specific designated pickup points where people will be able to park their cars and board our sanitized vehicles.

We are also offering sanitized sedans and SUV’s for smaller groups.

Essentially, we are providing sanitized vehicles with professional chauffeurs who will be using masks to ensure you are able to get to and from your home and place of employment safely.

Call (201) 440-0500 to find out more or book your vehicle today.

(Space is limited, so please book as far in advance as possible to ensure we are able to offer you with the right solution for your company)

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