Thank you

Because Of Your Efforts We Are Going To Recover


With so many people around New York & New Jersey who are risking so much during these very challenging moments in our lives to ensure that we as a community are safe, it’s time we pull together to say thank you for doing what you do without hesitation acting selflessly and showing true concern for those around you.

Your efforts prove that in times of need, there are many heroes who stand up and provide what is needed to offer resolve and comfort for the many people suffering around us. Without you, we would be lost. But because of you we hang on to hope knowing we will get through this together.

When you consider who are those men and woman who risk their lives time and time again, I speak of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Social Workers, Police Officers, Fire fighters, People in the Armed Forces and our National Guard. Now while I understand this is only a small percentage of the workforce that is combating this pandemic, we will never forget and will always appreciate everything you do day in and day out.

Because of your efforts, WC Transportation Service Group along with ETRAVOLAR and other companies around NY & NJ are putting together a program aimed specifically for showing our gratitude for the amazing services you offer. This program is aimed at providing you with a day of pure relaxation, something to ease your mind from all difficult moments you have experienced over the last few weeks.

We hope we can provide you with some level of comfort while extending our deepest gratitude for the amazing work you are doing.  WC Transportation Service Group will continue to support you and look for ways of showing our appreciation.

For the next 365 days Front Line Appreciation is live and active.

What does this mean to mean to you? You will receive generous discounts throughout the year for any chauffeured transportation booked through our company, which will include 50% off specials, Buy One Get One reservation deals, 20% Discounts on Hourly Trips, Airport Transfers as well as Point to Point Transfers which can be used to get to and from work.

In addition, we are offering the public opportunities to purchase gift cards discounted at 20% to be used by our Front Line for all your chauffeured transportation needs. This offer begins on May 25th, 2020 and is valid through May 24th, 2021.


If you would like to purchase a gift card for anyone you know or even to be offered as a gift to people you do not know who are Front Line workers, please visit to find out more information.  Join us in saying thank you for doing what you do.  Your gift will go a long way in showing these amazing people how truly special they are.