Covid 19 Sanitized

What are we doing to keep our fleet healthy
We have been monitoring the situation globally and are implementing many safety precautions to ensure our clients and our team members are protected during these days of Covid 19. Although there is still so much we do not understand, we are following the recommendations of the CDC. 
  • Purell wipes and/or anti-bacterial gel will be available in the vehicle upon request (limited availability)
  • Water bottles will not be available for the time being
  • All areas inside and out of the vehicles that are used and touched often will be sanitized daily and between services
  • Any reading materials, such as magazines, newspapers and business cards will no longer be supplied until further notice
  • Front row passenger seats will not be used for the time being by passengers.
  • Luggage and bags will be handled by chauffeurs wearing gloves that will be changed and discarded after each use
  • Chauffeurs must use hand sanitizer and should always wash their hands properly before and after each service ride
  • Chauffeurs will be wearing masks for their safety and ask that all passengers do the same
  • Chauffeurs will no longer greet passengers with a handshake
  • Chauffeurs will maintain a minimum distance from all passengers
  • Anyone on our team with any illness or mild symptoms will remain home and if they experience anything during their shifts they will be sent home immediately
  • We are asking all clients who use our  transportation services to for the time being please utilize a face mask to cover your nose and mouth while inside the vehicles and around our staff
  • If you have any special requests, please notify us in advance so that we can accommodate these requests
  • Please do not sit in the front seat of any vehicle
  • We ask that you please discard any items you bring with you including masks or gloves

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